Steering Committee Positions

In order to ensure the success of this club, volunteers are needed to fill various Steering Committee positions. The one year term begins in October and ends in September. All positions can be shared. If you have further questions, please contact the current coordinator in that position.


Advertising Coordinator

This person is responsible for generating advertising revenue through local advertisers and CVMC members. She is responsible for receiving payment from advertisers, sending receipts, and delivering money to the Treasurer. She emails a monthly listing of advertisers to the Newsletter Coordinator. She is responsible for mailing copies of the CVMC newsletters to businesses and individuals who advertise in it. She advertises the CVMC in the local newspapers (CV Forum, SL Times, Daily Review). She distributes CVMC flyers to businesses and the local community. She attends monthly SC meetings. Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours per month.


Children’s Parties Coordinator(s)

These people host 4 parties: Halloween Party (at Baywood Court), Winter Party (typically in December), Spring Fling (typically in April), and Summer Bash (typically in August). She selects location and date of the parties, recruits party volunteers, arranges games and crafts, determines ticket prices and collects fees, purchases party supplies, arranges food and refreshments, as well as decorations; informs general membership of event details, responsible to remain within budget. Attends General and SC meetings. Estimated time commitment: On Average, 5-10 hours per month (depends on month).


Community Outreach Coordinator

This position involves the promotion, organization and facilitation of community service projects and fund raising for charitable organizations that serve women, children and families in need of support. The position focus reflects the philosophy of the mother’s club and the membership it serves. The Community Outreach Coordinator provides the general membership with information and updates on community service events through email, monthly newsletters and club reports at general meetings. She attends monthly SC meetings. Access to e-mail and use of a personal computer is recommended. Estimated time commitment; Variable, (2-10 hours per month).



These people lead the CVMC by overseeing that the Club’s functions are carried out. She facilitates meeting members’ needs and fosters open communication. She chairs the monthly General Meetings, writes a monthly newsletter article, sets the agenda and facilitates the monthly CVMC SC meetings. She responds to CVMC email regularly as needed. She assures that committee members are performing their duties consistent with the CVMC By-laws and job descriptions. She provides support to the coordinators, resolves problems and seeks additional volunteers when necessary. She signs off on the annual tax return to maintain tax-exempt status for State and Federal taxes. She must have access to email and use of a personal computer. Members interested in the Director position must have at least 6 months experience on the Steering Committee. Estimated time commitment: 10-20 hours per month.


East Bay Council Liason

This person attends monthly General and SC meetings. Attends and represents the CVMC at the 2 East Bay Mothers Club Council meetings during her term. Carries out the duties assigned to the CVMC by the Council. Attends Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce Mixers monthly or as needed. 6 months prior steering committee experience recommended. She attends monthly SC meetings. Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours every other month.


Membership Coordinator

Maintains the membership Access database by consistently adding and updating member information. Creates and uploads updated rosters in a timely manner. Communicates membership information to the Steering Committee (SC) through the committee’s Yahoo group and Yahoo database. Scans and uploads the new member interviews to the committee’s Yahoo group for the Welcoming Committee’s use. Attends monthly General Meetings and SC meetings. Reports membership statistics at the monthly SC meeting. Assists members with sign-in for the Castro Valley Adult School at General Meetings. Retrieves mail at least once a week at Castro Valley Post Office and distributes mail at General and/or SC meetings to appropriate people. Retrieves and responds to CVMC voicemail messages and administrative e-mails, which may include correspondence with East Bay Liaison Council and AB Communications (voicemail provider). Responds to e-mail messages received in the mailbox in a timely manner. Compiles and submits members’ and children’s birthdays and other miscellaneous articles for publication in the monthly newsletter. Monthly, creates newsletter distribution list for e-mail and regular mail distribution. Publicizes renewal information through mailers, Bigtent, and the newsletter. Provides directors with membership data on an ad hoc basis. A computer and working knowledge of Word, Excel, MS Access, Adobe Acrobat, E-mail (Yahoo) and PayPal are required. Knowledge of HTML very helpful. Estimated time commitment: 10-12 hours per month with peak commitment being during renewal time (July 1 – August 31).

Newsletter Coordinator

This person helps produce the CVMC e-newletter  within Bigtent with articles by Steering Committee members, and/ or members at large and /or regularly outsourced columns. She works with the Advertising Coordinator to ensure inclusion of paid ads in the Newsletter. She is responsible for the final proofread and making sure that all necessary ads are included. She attends monthly SC meetings. Requires access to a computer and computer skills. Estimated time commitment: 20-25 hours per month


Playgroup Coordinator

This person places new members in playgroups according to children’s ages, availability, special interests, and playgroup size. She verifies all members of the playgroups are current. She checks in with the playgroup representatives periodically by email to discuss issues and update information. She starts new playgroups when necessary. Helpful to have some Excel knowledge. Estimated time commitment: Approx 8-10 hours per month. Attends SC meetings and general meetings as much as possible. Attends Welcoming Teas if possible.


Mom’s Night Out Coordinator(s)

This person arranges and introduces speakers for monthly General Meetings. She provides a gift or a payment to speakers within budget guidelines. She also prepares games and icebreakers for the Social meetings. She purchases or obtains donations of prizes for games. She coordinates and runs 3-4 social meetings a year. She locates and secures a meeting space, arrives early and orders food for the group. She sends out meeting invites and reminders from BigTent. She attends monthly SC meetings. Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours per month.



This person takes minutes and notes attendance at SC meetings. She e-mails minutes to the SC members within 3 days of the meeting for approval. SC minutes are posted to the e-groups file section within a week of the SC meeting. In addition, they are posted as a regular posting for members to see. Estimated time commitment: 3-4 hours per month.


Socials Coordinator(s)

This person plans and coordinates all adult and family social activities. She sets up outings for moms and couples based on successful past outings as well as new ideas. She arranges the events and informs the CVMC of details at General Meetings, at Steering Committee meetings, via e-mail, the newsletter and e-groups. Her attendance at the monthly outings is required. She also plans and organizes the CVMC Anniversary Bash, typically held in August. She sets up dates for outings in coordination with the Welcoming, Children’s Party, and Playgroup Outings Coordinators in order to avoid calendar conflicts. Informs the babysitting Co-op of planned dates to coordinate babysitting nights. She evaluates past events in order to provide documentation for future event planning. She is responsible for collecting any fees and needs to remain within budget. She attends monthly Steering Committee meetings. Responsible for providing discounted movie tickets to the club (currently Regal and Chabot theatres). Typically held by a separate individual. Time commitment varies, but is estimated at 6-10 hours per month.


Storage Unit Organizer

This person organizes storage unit and updates club on contents on a regular basis for the steering committee. Offer to pick up or meet others to take items to storage. Give instructions on how to get into the storage. Maintain a list of what is in storage. Send out a monthly email to the steering committee reminding them of what is there and that it is available. Time: 1/2 – 2 hours per month



This person maintains CVMC financial accounts and records. This position can only be held by one individual one year at a time (no multiple years in a row). She is authorized to sign checks and make deposits into the CVMC checking account via online banking, and US mail. She coordinates with the Director(s) to sign checks for all approved expenses. She maintains records of club income, expenses and of account activity and monthly bank statements. She sets up a budget approved by the Steering Committee and tracks financial records against the approved budget. She prepares a quarterly budget report vs. actual report for distribution to the Steering Committee and summarizes financial accounts in the newsletter. She works with Membership coordinators to record payment of membership dues received. She coordinates with the Advertising Coordinator to track fees received, monitor fees overdue, and send invoices as necessary. She files annual State and Federal tax returns. A PC computer is required and experience with Excel, QuickBooks and accounting experience is preferred. She attends monthly SC meetings. Estimated time per month: 48 hours.


Website and Community Manager

The role of the Internet Manager is to manage the club website at http://castrovalleymothersclub and on the Bigtent platform, and acts as an on-line moderator for Bigtent forum by upholding group guidelines and adapting e-group guidelines with Steering Committee approval as required. Duties include: updating content or adding pages as needed, liaise with Bigtent support when issues arise, be the go-to person when supporting club activities on Bigtent and online, and monitoring group discussions. A computer, on-line access and computer skills are required. Knowledge of “html” is helpful for website maintenance. Willingness to take time to learn the Bigtent platform is vital. Ability to mediate the e-group discussions with decorum when needed is also a gift. She attends monthly SC meetings. Estimated time commitment: 18-22 hours per month.


Welcoming Committee Coordinator(s)

This person serves as the contact person for potential CVMC members. She sends out information to potential members by mail or email. She calls and emails new members upon joining, welcoming them to the CVMC. Holds new member gatherings quarterly. She welcomes new members and visitors at general meetings and assigns a “buddy” to answer questions as needed. She will assist in renewal of dues at the end of the term with Membership Coordinator. She writes new member Bios for the CVMC Newsletter every month and emails the article to Newsletter Coordinator in a timely fashion. She attends all general meetings and monthly SC meetings. A computer is a must. Estimated time commitment: 5-10 hours per month.