Q: How do I join the CVMC?

A: Visit our membership page where you can sign-up on-line or download a hard copy membership form. For questions or more information, you can also contact

Q: I am interested in advertising my business, who should I contact?

A: Your business can be listed for free under our Mom Owned Directory page if you are a current CVMC member. For more information about paid advertising in the CVMC newsletter or on Big Tent, contact the CVMC Advertising Coordinator.

Q: I joined the club, and want to get involved in a playgroup. How do I do this?

See the Groups and Programs page of the website for information on playgroups. 

There are two virtual venues for playgroups. Log into Big Tent and find your playgroup listed under subgroups. Click and request permission to join (it should be granted immediately). You can also search for your playgroup on Facebook, using CVMC and the animal name of your playgroup. The FB administrator will grant you access (sometimes this take a week or two). Only current members are allowed to join the FB and Big Tent playgroups, and your participation in the groups ends when your membership ends. If you are having any trouble finding your group or gaining entry, please contact the Playgroup Coordinator

Alligators, kids born between Sept 2010 – Aug 2011

Jaguars, kids born between Sept 2011 – Aug 2012

Elephants, kids born between Sept 2012 – Aug 2013

Bears, kids born between Sept 2013 – Aug 2014

Peacocks, kids born between Sept. 2014 – Aug. 2015

Koalas, kids born between Sept 2015 – Aug 2016

Monkeys, kids born between Sept 2016 – August 2017

Q: Can I attend any events if I am not a member? <or> What is the best way for a friend to check out the club?

A: If you are not a CVMC member but are interested in joining, you are welcome to attend one of our Mom’s Night Out events (held monthly). You will have the opportunity to meet CMVC moms and see if membership is a fit for you. Contact for more information about joining, or to attend an event as a guest. All other events are reserved for members and member families.

Bigtent FAQ

Q: I am a current member. How do I activate my Bigtent account?

A: Please contact if you are current member but have not activated your Big Tent account.

Q: How do I access Big Tent if I lost my activation email?

A: If you have lost the original activation email, please go to to have the email resent. You must use the same email address that is currently on file with CVMC.

Q: What is my Bigtent username?

A: You username is the email address that the activation email was sent to.

Q: I am concerned about my privacy on Bigtent. How is my information used?

A: Privacy is very important to CVMC and to Bigtent. Bigtent has assured us that personal identifying information will only be used among our group. Please click here for Bigtent privacy policy.

For specific How To Use the Site questions, please go to the BigTent Help page (click on Help at top right of page in black bar) to view a list of commonly asked questions (FAQ’s) about CVMC and using Big Tent once logged in.